Learn the art of guiding sacred dance and how to bridge the human with the holy so that your clients feel the remembering they have been searching for all this time.

This facilitator training is a deep initiation into your own feminine magic like never before.

It’s a journey that will equip you with both the earthly practical tools to start your online Sacred Dance Temple AND the spiritual foundation for a business that is supported by the divine and is structured outside of the patriarchal norms.

This is a training opens the world of holding psychedelic temples of dance – where you truly get to dance with the universe and get paid to do so.


This is not an average Embodiment Teacher Training. And if this is for you, you will know.


This is a deep immersion in movement shamanism.

A journey to become a divine guardian of SACRED DANCE MEDICINE.

In embodying the the human and the holy in the same breath whilst you hold space, time and weave everything in between, so that your clients feel the divine remembering they have been searching for all this time.

It’s a deep initiation into the light of your own Medicine Woman like never before.

The most common feedback I get is: ‘I’ve never in my life felt so held and safe’.

This isn’t a fluke or just a couple of people. It’s consistent. It’s after every event I hold.

It’s a language of divine love and a foundation of true enoughness being translated in every second of your ceremony.

This also isn’t just ME. This is available to all of us. It’s a way of life that we have lost. It’s a PATH.

It’s a way of spaceholding, guiding and energy healing that you’re going to learn in this teacher training.

So that you find YOUR sacred voice and open up your channels to guide with the divine in every session and event you hold.

What you will get from this training:

  • Claim YOUR unique and healing guidance as a sacred dance facilitator
  • Learn how to collapse earthly timelines whilst you hold ceremonial space for dance medicine and enter the quantum realm
  • Teach in a way that heals patriarchal wounds and opens a portal to a new healing path for women to dance upon
  • Understand how to hold deeply safe and trauma informed spaces
  • Re-member the ancient dance medicine that is in your blood and bones and claim your path as a leader of this medicine
  • Come home to an easeful way of working – getting paid to dance with the universe itself!
  • Technical and practical support on setting up your own ceremonies, made super easy for you from the tech you need – to access to a playlist with HUNDREDS of sacred dance songs
  • Understand the art of creating a dance ceremony vs a normal event

THE STRUCTURE: Self Paced Training

In-Depth Online Recorded Facilitator Training Modules - Recordings of Group Coaching and Frequently Asked Questions - Access to over 10+ hours of ceremony songs for you to use

If you feel the call, that is your permission slip to say yes to your soul goddess! This medicine path can't wait to show you the depths of yourself and guide goddesses into healing through dance... I can't wait to meet you! Xxx

INVESTMENT: Normally £599